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Have you ever felt like life’s challenges have pulled you down? You’re not alone. At Un-Breakable 2024, you'll hear inspiring stories from local leaders in our community who’ve faced breaking points and emerged stronger. Discover your purpose and learn to turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones toward a brighter future.


Cost: $60

When: August 22, 2024 | 9:30AM - 3:00PM CDT

Where: Chateau Bellevue

708 San Antonio Street Austin, TX 78701

708 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78701, USA

Empowering Speakers

Get ready to be inspired by our amazing lineup of speakers, each bringing their unique journey and insights to help you reclaim your power and #becomeunbreakable.

April Wallen

Self Discovery

Nick Austin

The Time is Now

Dr. Shmeka Gibson

Breaking Belief Barriers

Elisha Dorsett

Pain Into Purpose

Veronica Seever


Kelly Griggs

Discover your Wealth Potential

Your Host - Theresa Pore

Theresa Pore, founder of 3.20 Consulting and your host for Un-Breakable 2024™, is a dynamic motivational speaker and community leader dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their power and achieve their fullest potential.

With a passion for personal growth and a knack for connecting with audiences, Theresa inspires transformative change through her engaging talks and actionable insights.

Her work emphasizes resilience, purpose, and empowerment, making her a trusted guide for those seeking to overcome obstacles.

"Living Your Life's Purpose by Living Your Life on Purpose"

Discover the 7 Pillars of an Unbreakable Life

Theresa Pore's work is grounded in her 7 Pillars of an Unbreakable Life



Limiting Beliefs



Trauma/Defining Moments

Mindset and Mindshift

Each Unbreakable conference focuses on two of these pillars. This event, we are digging into Mindset and Community, providing you with powerful insights and tools to transform your life.

Focus on Mindset and Community

Empowering Change Through Mindshift and Connection

Mindset and Mindshift Panelists

Megan DiMartino

Felicia Reed

Jayme Shairla

Meg Hays

Community Panelists

Carrie Kass

Lisabeth Thomas

Jessica Campos

Dennise Therkelsen

Vidya Moorthy

Transform Your Life with Community & Mindset

Inspiration & Hope

Feel connected at a deeper level to others in your community.

All-inclusive Program

Meal, drinks, and an enriching lineup of speakers.

Engaging Activities

Build relationships and join a local network of like-minded individuals.

Goodies & Swag

Giveaways, and items focusing on the 7 Pillars of an Un-Breakable Life.

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